A Soul's Delight

A Soul’s Delight is a mixed media group exhibition, that explores wanderlust moments when the soul comes alive and part of reality. Moments that can be found venturing down the rabbit hole, a passageway which is thought to lead to the true nature of reality, the soul, and a personal sense of identity. The path is filled with never ending tunnels that twist and turn. Also, with experiences of significantly strange happenings, nonsensical environments, offbeat figures, and a child-like sense of wonder. Never truly arriving at a final destination but discovering the surreal or soul consciousness contentment.

The exhibition showcases that “true nature of reality and the soul”, visually making the surreal part of conscious awareness. Highlighting the child-like sense of wonder in the world. The exhibitions intention is to celebrate the incredible uniqueness and vibrancy of the soul. Making an emotional impression on the viewer, to inspire them to improve their own reality; one of fulfilment and freedom.