All Star Press is Proud to present: Mentality a solo show featuring Anthony Christopher
Mentality is a collection of originals and prints by Anthony Christopher focusing on the darker side of the imagination by embracing mental illness and personal struggle. Christopher, deals with all things demented and grim, his finely detailed drawings reveal themselves to you upon closer inspection, inviting the viewer to contemplate the hidden darkness of the world.
“Taking a look at myself is an incredibly uncomfortable task. I certainly try to avoid it. While creating my pieces for “Mentality,” I'm reminded of my past with years of masochism, mental problems, and a little bit of growing up. These days are a lot less of a struggle, but I think I've just become more numb to my mental health and problems that come my way. 
Some people live the dream. And some people die the nightmare. I try and ride in between them.”
- Anthony Christopher