All Star Press is Proud to present: InAnimate a solo show featuring Blake Jones.

 InAnimate is a diverse collection of artwork that begins to build its own interactive environment with viewers in their surrounding environment. This creates a new world customized by Blake Jones’ multimedia display. The space aims to transcend the audience into a chaotically cartoon landscape filled with Blake’s iconic characters, objects, patterns, and colors. 

Through the use of physical objects and fine art, InAnimate allows creatures to blend and ooze into our real world. With multiple collaborations and explorations including, 3D figures, videos, drawings, and paintings, the graphic imagery in InAnimate begins to seep into the consciousness of the audience and invade the worlds of other artists.

Blake Jones is a Houston, TX grown artist, currently based in Chicago. Blake’s work illustrates narratives of complex worlds inhabited by his own iconic characters, objects, and landscapes. The graphic linework and bright color palettes  are undoubtedly his, and are exhibited in multiple mediums and forms such as print, paintings, digital work and murals.