Butcher Billy

As a graphic designer with more than a decade working in the advertising industry, Butcher Billy never thought of himself as an artist - he never felt comfortable with that label. The subjectivity of art made him sink, hopelessly, into the boring corporate side of the creative business.

Butcher Billy didn't even realized when professional frustration led him to develop a separate persona, or entity - a different kind of animal, that may have always lived inside his mind, impatiently waiting to break free. It would only come out at night, to fulfill all of his deepest and unknown artistic pleasures. A Dr. Jekyl/Mr.Hyde, or Banner/Hulk relationship, if you will, had to be established, in order for the both of personas to coexist - when the hedonistic pop art beast violently took control.

It all led to this: "I am Butcher Billy, and this is my Freakiest Show."