Arsenal Handicraft

Arsenal Handicraft goods are made by the husband and wife team of Dennis and Christina Jacobs. They work together our of their small home studio where they agonize over every tiny detail, illustrating and screen printing each piece from beginning to end. AH does not use big, expensive machinery, and no part of their creative process is automated. You‘ll own a truly one of a kind object made by their very own hands. Because they use a simple, non-automated press, they can print on almost anything: antique sheet music, a sun yellowed envelope, or salvaged wood from an abandoned staircase. AH mixes their ink colors in small batches so they can experiment with unusual pigments. They take pride in signing, numbering and stamping each piece one by one so that years from now, no one will ever question its authenticity. Arsenal Handicraft hopes that they will become known most of all for the stories their work tells.