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All Star Press is proud to present our Official Minnesota Twins T-shirt Series for the 2023 season! Each featured artist has created a unique design to be released this Summer 2023 at select games. 

T-Shirt 1: Twins vs New York Yankees - Brian Britigan, releases April 25
T-Shirt 2: Twins vs San Francisco Giants - Evan, releases May 23
T-Shirt 3: Twins vs Milwaukee Brewers - Barret Lee, releases June 13
T-Shirt 4: Twins vs Kansas City Royals - Philipo Dyauli, releases on July 4
T-Shirt 5: Twins vs Cleveland Guardians - Greg Gossel, releases on August 29
T-Shirt 6: Twins vs Oakland Athletics - Leeya Rose Jackson, releases on September 26
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