IPaintMyMind X All Star Press

IPaintMyMind and All Star Press are happy to announce their brand new partnership that will support each other's kindred mission in making art a viable avenue for engagement and collaboration.


In 2017, IPMM decided to downsized its need for a full-time gallery space to focus on all the momentum of their five year running Shared Walls Rotating Art Program, displaying artwork in several business spaces, schools, parks, libraries, and youth centers. Evan La Ruffa of IPMM and Zissou Tasseff-Elenkoff of ASP, have been working together for years through Tasseff-Elenkoff’s studio screen printing business, Fugscreens Studios. Since All Star Press’ opening at 2775 N Milwaukee Ave, there have been countless exhibitions, opening shows, and numerous collaborative projects with artists both local and international. Striving to create a homebase for their represented artists and collectors alike, it was clear that a unique opportunity could be found working with IPMM, making a curatorial fit.


All Star Press is poised to build on Tasseff-Elenkoff’s past successes with Fugscreens and previously co founded, Galerie F by continuing to collaborate with such like minded organizations as IPaintMyMind. As such, IPaintMyMind will be hosting 3 gallery openings at the partnered print gallery in 2018, while cross-promoting events and making All Star Press that much more of a hotbed for great curated art, positive vibes and local culture.


The resulted partnership will be fueled with the passion for efficiency, impact, goodwill, and a whole lotta art. The two business are excited to work together in an official capacity to continue making Logan Square and chicago a support for emerging art and a community for accessible creativity. It's precisely that ethos, that desire to give back and create, that brings together IPaintMyMind and All Star Press in a true spirit of collaboration. Be on the lookout for a few special projects & print releases that will showcase the best of IPaintMyMind and All Star Press has to offer.

Visit IPaintMyMind.org to learn more about how their Shared Walls program turns rotating art rentals for businesses into FREE art exhibitions, curriculum, and programs for public schools, parks, libraries, and youth centers all over Chicago.


Upcoming Events

Contours & Constellations is IPaintMyMind's first show hosted at All Star Press Gallery, one of the foremost spaces for emerging art in Chicago. This show brings together two artists IPMM has worked with before, and we're excited to introduce them to the All Star Press faithful.
The Artwork of Kevin Lucius & Molly Costello

Saturday, April 21st
Both Kevin & Molly work in collage with this exhibition showing just how wide open the medium is. Kevin works digitally and Molly works with paper, yielding a range that will make the show vibrant, colorful, and shapely, with one half of the room a testament to Kevin's amalgamation of abstract and design elements, and the other half representing Molly's take on community & interconnectedness.