"It Was All A Dream" 2020 Print Series



2020 marks a new era for All Star Press, and to celebrate this theme of growth ASP presents a year-long print series showcasing the development and variation of the artists we represent. With “It Was All A Dream” we ask artists to evolve with us, not by creating prints for us but by creating prints for themselves. Each individual artist had to postpone a distinct dream to make room for everything else waking-life asks of us. Each month a batch of fresh prints will be released, exploring creative goals that had previously been left idle. An unrestricted subject matter allows for individual growth and artistic independence, but it also exemplifies the diverse nature of All Star Press. From fine art to pop culture to graffiti to sports, the 2020|2021 Print Program reinforces our objective to create quality art that draws from a multitude of sources. 

After twelve months of releasing introspective wonders, ASP will join forces with Vertical Gallery for a retrospective exhibition showcasing every print from the "It Was All A Dream" Print Series. The fitting conclusion to a year-long, collaborative endeavor of artists from all over the globe showcasing originals, hand embellished and variant editions specifically held back for this monumental event.